Enterprise integration services​

Enterprise integration with third-party applications allows fast deployment and will help you to remain up-to-date with current technologies.

We supply our clients with payment gateways solutions, unified integration with third party suppliers of products and services, APIs of different complexity including integration with IoT solutions and platforms

We seamlessly connect your platforms with external applications and services and grant your users a genuine experience.

enterprise integration services

Enterprise integration services

We deliver high-value and advanced products at the top of the latest technologies

Payment processing services

Integration of payment gateways into our client’s websites for on-line, off-line and loyalty payments methods

Suppliers of data and products

Platforms with dynamic packaging, dynamic pricing, extended inventory, flexible product sourcing, price comparison, and targeted upsell

Certification support

Processing of data in compliance with PCI DSS standard, NDC Level 4 certified API and support for IATA One Order requirements, etc.

What we can do for you

API gateways development and integration

We employ third-party programming interfaces to deliver you a customizable and easily manageable product in line with modern solutions. API integration provides you with e-commerce solutions, payment gateways, geo-location services/ cloud storage, etc. With high skills at working with APIs, we can offer you development, migration, and optimization of APIs. Our engineers can also help you integrate API into an already existing product

Re-engineering and optimization of existing legacy systems

We can help you keep on track by integrating the software with legacy systems and updating it. We also migrate legacy systems from one supplier to another, update API, integrate web-based features into older desktop applications

Internet of Things

Experienced at enterprise integration, migration, APIs integration, Resliv also provides integration with IoT solutions and platforms. We do integration with AWS IoT platform, integration with outbound API, IoT security management, real-time data analysis from smart devices, IoT gateway programming

Testing and QA

We have expertise at mobile and web application testing, platform compatibility and API quality assurance. We do functional manual and automated testing, including regression, smoke, integration, system and acceptance QA, load, stress, volume, productivity, and scalability testings

Support 24/7

If needed, you can order maintenance and support services. We render our works under prior agreed SLA. No matter you’ve worked with us before or a new-comer. Our team test, fix bugs and keep your product on a track, and we are ready to help you with the slightest problems

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Featured customers

Web backend developmnet and IoT development
back-end web and mobile development
web mobile backend frontend development
"Resliv helped facilitate the design of S7 Airlines new 365/24/7 retail platform, S7 Travel Retail, for Selling and Servicing of S7 Airlines products and beyond. Resliv effectively helped define key deliverables and also supported us through the execution and migration process to realise the distribution platform, development processes, technology and to enable our superior customer experience in line with our strategic objectives and goals".
Dmitry Chuyko
CEO at S7 Travel Retail

Selected case studies

Blockchain application development for Devery

Blockchain application development for Devery Blockchain Development of REST API, based on Devery.js protocol, and an administrative panel  Our project’s highlights Complete front- and back-end development  UI/UX development REST API development The Client Devery is a blockchain startup that built a whole ecosystem for verifying and controlling digital and physical goods’ and services’ pathways. They […]

Enterprise integration of suppliers and services into a distribution platform

Enterprise integration of suppliers and services into a distribution platform Travel Full set of the third party systems integration with airline distribution platforms Our project’s highlights: Long-term 24/7 support and testing  A set of integrations supported possibilities to capture additional last-minute revenues with upselling and cross-selling of ancillaries during check-in.  Full-stack integration with travel third-party […]

Ancillary Services Solution for Сyprus Airways

Ancillary Services Solution for Сyprus Airways Travel Delivering a module for amplifying ancillary revenue per passenger Our project’s highlights The scope of work covered both the front-end part, including the company’s website and a native mobile app and the back-end. The system features dynamic packaging, which bundles flight rates and third-party travel products (hotels, car […]

Custom software development – payment systems

Custom software development – online payment solution FinTech Integration with payment systems and preprocessing of payment cards Our project’s highlights Omnichannel payment processing services Payment routing according to business rules Processing of data in compliance with PCI DSS standard The Client S7 is a major Russian privately-owned airline company.  It turned to Resliv for delivering […]

Scooter sharing system

E-mobility platform development and integration Sharing Economy Development of a platform for sharing mobility, including cloud and IoT devices integration, web portal, and mobile application development Our project’s highlights Integration with AWS IoT platform Back-office development (an assets control system, user management system, integration with accounting software, business rules engine) Integration with outbound API Development […]

Frequently asked questions

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